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What is MVC Framework?

MVC Framework The MVC architectural is most used development pattern in software engineering. All most all programming languages use MVC with slight variation, but conceptually it remains the same. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectura ...

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Posted by Prem Prem on 3/27/2024 4:37:07 PM

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Sitecore training Courses & notes

I am Prem Murmu Sitecore Certified professtional. Please find my all Sitecore training Courses here as follows: Sitecore Training Courses: I prepared the Sitecore JSS training course, XM Cloud training, XM Cloud overview training, XM Cloud & jss ...

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Posted by Prem Prem on 12/1/2023 2:04:24 AM

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Deploy Sitecore headless JSS Next.js app to azure static web app

We are working on XM Cloud project, where Sitecore projects is XM Cloud Portal and its frontend is in Next.js in local, It is headless SXA projects with JSS and SXA template current version of Sitecore JSS. We have requirement to deploy the ...

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Posted by Prem Prem on 7/9/2023 1:06:50 PM

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create sitecore jss form with nextjs in headless xm cloud

To Implement a Sitecore form in a JSS Next.js app i  followed the sitecore offical link Sitecore jss form  I Created Component JssNextForm.tsx in jss App Component folder  Like below code: import { Form } from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-reac ...

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Posted by madhusudan dayal on 7/9/2023 7:55:26 AM

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mandatory software installations before start installing sitecore

There are few mandatory software installation needed to be installed before starting any GUI or none GUI Sitecore installations. It gives error installing sitecore when you try to install without installing these basic softwares as prerequisites. ...

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Posted by Prem Murmu on 7/7/2023 3:34:30 PM

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