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Ashwani Kumar on 6/26/2020 2:32:46 AM

What is a Crane?

Cranes are machines that rely on a pulley and cable system to lift large and heavy loads. When it comes to the construction industry, cranes are precious assets as they make it particularly easy to work with large and heavy construction materials, so no construction site would be complete without a crane, especially large developments in major towns and cities.


Construction Industry was the first known field to use cranes and the Ancient Greeks were the first to develop construction cranes. These ancient cranes were either driven by men or animals such as donkey, ox etc.The first built crane was a shorter reach jib crane. These were used for taller construction where manual transportation of material slowed down the construction process and thus engineering cranes were developed to fasten the construction.

In the 15th century with the beginning of trade over oceans, the maritime industry also got influenced by these construction cranes. The industry required cranes for loading and unloading heavy freights and started developing marine cranes on the outline of construction cranes.Then for the first time, the 15th century witnessed the first harbour crane for loading and unloading ships. These cranes were initially made up of wood but with industrial revolution iron, steel and cast iron replaced wood cranes completely.

The Main Types of Cranes are:

a)Tower Cranes

b)Static Cranes

c)Hydraulic Cranes

d)Cantilever Cranes

e)Telescopic Cranes

f)Mobile Tower Cranes

g)Gantry Cranes

h)Crawler Cranes

i)Harbor Cranes

j)Truck Cranes

k)Aerial Cranes

l)Vehicle Mounted Cranes

                           Jib Crane

          Double girder crane

          Aerial Crane

Today, advanced technology cranes use hydraulic systems, internal combustion engines and electric motors with upgraded capabilities for the operators. Each crane has characteristics and specific uses, but are useful in construction processes. 

Whether it is building a bridge, road or other structure, there is always a specific crane that can complete that specific job. Different kinds of cranes can be rented out as per need. From a small JIB crane to work inside a factory to a tower crane to construct tall buildings.

Cranes are not only essential for the construction industry; moving heavy materials, 

loading and unloading but also important equipment used in various sectors such as mining, marine, civil aviation and more!

                              Hydraulic Crane

                                  Mobile Crane

                                       Harbour Crane