Ashwani Kumar on 6/30/2020 12:53:20 AM

Compressors are mechanical devices used to increase pressure in a variety of compressible fluids,gases and air. A compressor takes a gas, squeezes it down to a smaller volume and higher pressure and sends it elsewhere.

Another basic definition ,Compressor is a device which is used to increase the pressure of air from low pressure to high pressure by using some external energy

Uses of compressor

•For filling the air in tube of vehicles

•In automobile service station to clean vehicles.

•For spray painting in paint industries.

•In vehicle to operate air brakes.

•For cleaning workshop machines.

•For supercharging of an IC engines.

•For operation of pneumatic tools i.e. rock drills, vibrators

Air compressor used in Paint spray

Air compressor used in Rock drill machine

Types of compressor

Reciprocating compressor

In a reciprocating compressor, a volume of air is drawn into a cylinder, it is trapped, and compressed by piston and then discharged into the discharge line.The cylinder valves control the flow of air through the cylinder; these valves act as check valves. 

Single – Acting compressor It is a compressor that has one discharge per revolution of crankshaft. 

Double – Acting Compressor It is a compressor that completes two discharge strokes per revolutions of crankshaft. 

Most heavy-duty compressors are double acting

Multi-staging :Reduction in power required to drive the compressor.

1)Better mechanical balance of the whole unit and uniform torque.

2)Increase in volumetric efficiency.

3)Reduced leakage loss.

4)Less difficulty in lubrication due to low working temperature.

5)Lighter cylinders can be used.

6)Cheaper materials can be used for construction as the operating temperature is lower.

Single stage compressor

Double stage 2 cylinder