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Prem Murmu on 11/21/2020 8:17:25 AM

I cracked Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certifition(az 204) title within a month.It was my great exprience.

When it comes to exams each of us has a unique way of studying or preparing for the exams. Preparation for Microsoft azure cloud exams also has no exceptions, you can follow methodology and study guide given by Microsoft,but if you want crack it quicky,you may follow my methodology,tips and tricks.

So in this article, I will share my own experience,how I prepared for the exams and also a few tips and tricks I used during the preparation period.


Resposibility and Scope of Microsoft Azure Developer(Az-204)

Responsibilities for an Azure Developer include participating in all phases of cloud development from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment, maintenance, performance tuning, and monitoring.

Azure Developers partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement solutions.

Skills measured

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: 

1. Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)

2. Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)

3. Implement Azure security (15-20%)

4. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (10-15%)

5. Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (25-30%)

Azure AZ 204 Training Course

Know the exam…

Exam Name: Microsoft Azure AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Exam Duration: 150 Minutes ( 210 Minutes including prep time).

Type of questions: Hot Area, Drag and Drop, Multiple Choice, Reorder, Case Study, Active screen, Best answer, Build list etc..

Negative marking: No

Minimum passing marks: 700

Number of Questions: 40–55

Exam Fee: Check your regional price / Vouchers

Eligibility/Pre-requisite: None (but 1–2 years of experience with Microsoft Azure preferred)

Exam validity: 2 years

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Note:  Kindly book date your exam atleast 15-16 days beofe the for comfort day and timing of the exam(you can book the exam date before a day or a day before exam too,but you may not get comfort day and timing,so better to book a month ago.).

AZ-204 Azure Developer Online Training Courses

you will prepare your self for the exam from the perspective of facing microsoft cloud exam. 

so It’s highly recommended you go through the exam skills outline guide to understand the skills measured for this exam.

Next, you need to find appropriate resources to upskill your knowledge so that you can make basics strong on all skills outine.I will give you first level of  confidence.

There are two types of learning or practice options can choose:

1.Self-paced online learning: you can explore the topics in-depth through guided paths or learn.

If you have commercial and  practical knowlege on Azure developing solutions you go through the this option.

Highly recommended:

Microsoft documentation

Azure Develoepr Guide

Microsoft Azure Hands on

Fluralsight Azure training

udemy az-204 course az-204 Course

You may follow any other learning flatform to make strong the basics in all given outine.Once basics are cleared,then may go for practice test.

2. Online Instructor-led training: in-depth training solutions that combine video, hand-on labs, and Microsoft Certification preparation.

If you are newbie and Not much practical knowlege on Azure developing solutions you go through the this option.


udemy Azure Developr Training

Fluralsight Azure training

Microsoft documentation

Microsoft Azure Hands on az-204 Practice tests

Note: Microsoft documentation for azure is the most suitable resource for the latest updated information.

Codecademy Web Development

Practice test for azure az-204.

After completing your learning and understanding azure developer course, you will feel better and confident. To make sure you are on correct understanding of the skills and knowlege gained, it’s better to take practice tests before appearing to the exam.

1.Try to find reliable AZ-204 practice tests and sample questions and should include explanations of why a particular answer is correct/ incorrect. Practice tests will help you learn the concepts and improve your knowledge

Note: Read reviews and recommendations before choosing practice.


1.whizlabs az 204 Practice Test

2.udemy Az 204 practice test

Tips and tricks for az-204:

1.Find appropriate forums, an online community dedicated to helping exam preparation and where you will able to discuss topics, case studies and practice test answers with them..

2.While doing practise tests you will determine the areas you need to study more or less scored, focus more on those areas by revisiting the topics.

3.Allocate time for each topic and don’t forget to try the hands-on lab soon after you finish each topic (Try lab instructions). If you do so, you can easily remember and don’t have to memorize everything.

4.Register yourself for a free Azure account. Keep practizing on the new concepts you study.

5.Always follow up with the latest study materials. Make sure you follow certified trainers and verified study materials.

6.Stay focus, dedicate your time and study just not to pass the exam but to apply in real-world scenarios.

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