Reset sitecore 9.1 password as b using sql query or command

Prem Murmu on 10/17/2020 7:50:17 AM

I was setting up existing sitecore 9.1 project,later i found I am unable to login in to Sitecore.

It was in my case,but i happens either you forget password and may be another reason and your sitecore passwod in changed.

In that case, first of all you have to reset the sitecore login to default as:

UserName: admin

Password: b

 I find many pages in google to reset sitecore password,but sql query i used worked in sitecore 9.1 and infact it also work in all sitecore 9 versions.

Find the sql command or query below to reset your sitecore login credential to default:






[IsApproved] = '1',

[IsLockedOut] = '0'


UserId IN (

SELECT UserId FROM dbo.aspnet_Users WHERE UserName = 'sitecore\Admin'


find the other references below if it doesnt work.


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