How to type dashes and emojis in windows?

Prem Murmu on 2/7/2021 2:59:27 AM

Once  i required to type dashes between the text, but when I looked in to the keyboard i found only a hypen key. I googled and found the something that want to share you about hyphen and dashes.

Generally normal keybord contain hypen key in keyboard. But some time we need to dashes or super hypen to put between the text.


Using hyphen:

pre-World War  // * It is wrong

Using Dashes:

pre–World War  //     it is right

Now, when to use hyphen and dashes.

When to use hyphen:

You should also use a hyphen with a compound modifier before a noun. A compound modifier (also called a phrasal adjective) is made up of two or more words that must be understood as a unit.


1.closed-door meetings

2.a book-loving student

Two types of dahses:

When to Use En Dashes

en dashes function as a kind of super hyphen. It a bit longer than hyphen.


I’ll schedule you from 4:30–5:00

When to Use Em Dashes

Em dashes can also signal a sudden interruption, particularly in dialogue:


“Wait! I forgot to tell you—” The door slammed shut between us and I missed whatever she was trying to say.

How to type dashes or Emojis in windows:

Press Windows with Period(.) key

it appears like below:

then click on below sign and select any of dashes you want.

Hope , it will help you👍👍

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