Difference between devops and agile

Prem Murmu on 10/16/2021 7:00:46 AM

In software development and management process two important things come which are agile and Devops. Today we will learn where these two things are mostly use in this process.

In simple term:

Agile: The process which fills the gap between customer and developer in known as Agile in software developement and managment. It is generally human activity in this process.

Devops: The process which fills the gap between developer and development/deployment operation in in software developement and managment is known as Devops.





1AgilityAgility in both development and operation.Agility in developement only.
2Process / PracticesInvolves processes such as CI, CD, CT, etc.Involves processes such as Scrum, kanban, etc
3Key Focus AreaTimelines & Quality have equal priority.Timelines & Quality have equal priority.
4Release CyclesSmaller release cycle with immediate feedback.Smaller release cycles.
5Resource of FeedbackFeedback is from monitoring tools.Feedback is from customers.
6Scope of workAgility and Need for automationAgility only

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