Target dropdown in Internal Link options not populating in Sitecore

Prem Murmu on 11/24/2021 12:31:34 PM

I was facing the issue of target dropdown option in Sitecore production evironment. I didn't have the idea so i googled and found few solution as provided the commnunities.

First Solution:-

Rebuit the Sitecore_core_index(Core index) from sitecore control panel index manager.

In my case it works for me. When i checked the indexing manager , core index was not appearing in production server, I added and rebuilt the core_index and Target option started appearing.

Second Solution :-

Navigate to core database in content editor add the Versions for the below childs of Targets.

Then check the Internal Link, you will see 2 entries in Target dropdown.

After that remove the latest version and again check the Internal Link. You can see those Targets dropdown values.

Hope it will help out situaltions.

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