Sitecore Interview questions asked to me interviews November 2021

Prem Murmu on 5/4/2022 2:48:34 AM

1. What is sitecore template and its type?

A template is an item that defines both the structure and behavior of other items.

There are few templates types in sitecore as follow:

Data template: It defines fields used to store or to control how data is entered. They determine the exact field sections, field types, and field names that make up each item, like Page  Template,Data source template, Parameter template

Command template: It allow you to insert items using logic rather than a predefined structure.

Branch template: It is used to create the set of items rather than single item.

2. How to remove the space and  dashes from url?


1. We can use the config node encodeNameReplacements  in sitecore.config file

and define the character replacement


  <replace mode="on" find="&amp;" replaceWith=",-a-," />

  <replace mode="on" find="?" replaceWith=",-q-," />

  <replace mode="on" find="/" replaceWith=",-s-," />

  <replace mode="on" find="*" replaceWith=",-w-," />

  <replace mode="on" find="." replaceWith=",-d-," />

  <replace mode="on" find=":" replaceWith=",-c-," />


2. We can resolve by overriding linkprovider in sitecore like below:

 Public class CustomUrl: linkprovider


public override string GetItemUrl( Item item, UrlOptions options )


// We can write logic to remove the dashes from URL

// We can write logic to enable language in Url

// We can write anything related to URLs



3. How to handle the 404  Error in Sitecore?


1. We can configure the item itemnotfoundurl or layoutnotfound setting not in sitecore.config.

<setting name="ItemNotFoundUrl" value=" /sitecore/content/ Home/ItemNotFound" />

2. We can resolve using htttprequestbegin pipeline by overidding httprequestprocessor.

4. What is helix principle in sitecore?


Sitecore helix is the set of principles & patterns or guidlines and a component-based or modular architecture that provides


 Extensibility ,

 boosts reusability ,

 and speed of development or technical Debt . 

5. What is scriban in Sitecore sxa ?


Scriban templates are available as additional renderers and stored in your SXA rendering variants. For example, as field renderers, sections, or tags.

Scriban templates can coexist with the other renderers but you can also use them to replace the existing rendering variants.

6. What is rendering variant in Sitecore sxa ?


Rendering Variants is one of the best features in Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA). The feature allows users to change the structure and appearance of how a component will be rendered without needing any code changes quickly.

7. What is theme in Sitecore sxa ?

Ans: Theme in SXA is new look and feel for site, Default site them is wireframe.

8. What is use of the Creative exchange ?

Ans: It is used to upload the theme to Sitecore Sxa.

10.What is make mulitlist editable?

Ans: We use edit frame button for multilist and complext datatype to make editable.

11. What are Versioned vs Shared vs Unversioned fields in Sitecore?



By default all the fields are versioned, which means the the field value will be different across different numbered versions and different language versions as well.


There are certain fields whose value is same for all the numbered versions for a specific language, such as “Country Name”, “Employee Name” and etc, if we want to have such configuration, we should make that field as “Unversioned” in template definition.

When this(“Unversioned”)  checkbox is selected, the field has the same value for every numbered version within a language, but may have different values between supported languages.


When the field value doesn’t change across languages and number versions, we should mark that field as shared, shared field value will be common across supported languages and versions.

When the Shared property is set, changes to the field value in any language or numbered version of the item will be reflected in all the other language versions and numbered versions. Example- “Id” or some unique identifier which will be commons across languages and versions.

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