Sitecore interview prepartion short notes

Prem Murmu on 11/30/2021 12:34:48 PM

Sitecore Interview preparation part-1

What is helix structure

Helix focus largely on macro architecture and modular approach to make project solution to maximum productivity, quality and longevity.

There are three main topics important to Helix and modular architecture:


which describe how feature and functionality in the solution relate to each other.


which control the direction of dependencies and thereby assure a manageable solution.


which define the isolation of features and functionality leading to greater discoverability and simplicity in the development process.

Sitecore templete inheritance

Template inheritance in sitecore is as interfaces on an item, which

makes it possible for a multiple modules and business logic to share items and content.

Mutiple website Sitecore

Multiple websites are hosted in a single Sitecore installation, each site will be having its on properties and sharing common data like templates, master pages, items etc. The properties of each site are stored in the Sitecore configuration files.

Each site in the Sitecore multisite structure runs with its own context created inside SiteDefinition.config file placed under “~WebsiteApp_ConfigInclude” folder. 

Digital Marketing and personalization short notes

Campaign:  A promotion or advertising initiative that encourage people to visit you site is called campaign. It is to raise brand awareness and get contact to perform the certain action on your websites.

Channel: It is the path through which contacts intracts with the organisation(websites, apps). Example, partner referrals, Facebook, or email notifications.

Contact: It is a record in xdb or it is an entity in the Sitecre Xdb that represents a person who interacts with your orgnisation by using the website or apps.

Content profilling:

Categorizing the content items according to the different areas of interest. It it to track the content behaviour as the they navigate through your website to see which types of content they interact with.

Device detection:

It uses the browser user agent string to identify a contact's device and its properties. It is to personalize the a contact's experience with the website.


A visitor activity in website for example a login, page view, download or search.


An action that a website visitor makes that brings the visitor closer to a marketing objective.


The way that a contact engages with your organisation, by visiting a webpage or opening an email.

Outcome: a business-significant results between a contact and your orgnisation , for example sales, lead or product.

Pattern card: A pattern card is combination of profile values that you can decribe a marketing audience.

 A persons is a fictional character that represents a specific contact type within your target demographic. A person describes life,age, habits, background, interests and profession.

 Sitecore Experience profile:

An application that presents the key information about a contact and that enables you to monitor the key areas of the customer experience, such as interactions, campaigns, goals, profiles, outcomes, automations, and keywords.


A taxonomy is a classification system that you use to organize marketing activities by applying taxonomy tags to campaigns, goals, and events in the Marketing Control Panel.


The physical locations, for example, a retail store or a QR code on a poster, where interactions occur. You can use this information to gain insight into where your main marketing activities are taking place and how effective they are.


A visit is the series of actions performed by a contact from when they enter your website until they leave the website.


Rendering variant:

It gives us the power to present and show the different variations of same content.

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