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Prem Murmu on 12/3/2021 2:34:22 AM

I am dotnet/Azure/Sitecore developer, I used to attend the interviews sessions, here some Dotnet interview question fired to me. It may help you you technical interview sessions.

1. What dependecy injection?

Ans: It is a software design pattern to develop loosely-coupled code and to make code maintainable.

Dependency Injection helps to reduce the tight coupling among software components and reduces the hard-coded dependencies among your classes by injecting those dependencies at run time instead of design time technically. 

2. Why we create webapis and its benefits?

3. What is partial class?

4. What is patial view?

5. How to pass the data from partial view to controller?

6. How to increase application and website performace?

7. What is radis cache?

8. How to covert string to int?

9. How to convert  "32" "thirytwo" string  to int?

Ans: We can use int.tryparse(string, out intstr) method to get value(if input string is integer , returns true, otherwise return false value)

10. What is tryparse()?

Ans: It is use to convert a string representation of number to an integer.

11. What is .Net core and its benefits?

12. What is Event?

13. What are messaging services you have used in project?

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