What is Sitecore helix?

Prem Murmu on 12/9/2021 12:15:31 PM

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is cms software platform is used for creating, managing, and optimizing,personalize, and automate content which allows to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

What is Sitecore helix?

Sitecore helix is the set of principles & patterns or guidlines to make component-based or modular architecture based sitecore project.

Basically there are three layers in it.

Feature: It contains all features, such as listings, news, blog posts, product descriptions and others. Solution features aren’t interdependent, and changes in one feature don’t bring about changes in other places.

Project: It includes everything that is related to websites. Also, it brings together all features in one place.

Foundation: It is stable layer, which prodive dependencies to feature and project layer.

Order of Helix Layers

Foundation => Feature => Project

Benefits of Using sitecore helix.

  1.  Simplicity
  2.  Easy to maitain
  3.  Extensibility/Scalability
  4.  Boosts reusability 
  5.  Speed of development or technical Debt

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