Sitecore computed indexed field in solr or coveo

Prem Murmu on 5/5/2022 11:51:09 PM

I was missing some concept of computed indexed field, I decided to google and found few useful links for it. I want share them all with you so that you can get the some knowledge from it. I found links for solr and coveo for this concept.

What is computed indexed in Sitecore Solr ?

Computed indexed fields are the best to store the calculated information into the Sitecore indexes. Calculated information can be some logics or some information not part of you Sitecore items and template, but only a calculated logic like, count of blogs pages and media item etc or Date or media item desired format etc.

 Why we use it?

To extend the search functionality in Sitecore Solr or Coveo.

Please find the Sitecore Solr computed indexed fields useful links:

Create a computed index field -- Sitecore official website

Sitecore computedindexfield extends your solr index -- Briancaos

Code how to create a computed index field in sitecore 8 solr lucene -- 3chillies
Creating computed index date field with custom formatting in sitecore -- tothecore

Please find the Sitecore Coveo computed indexed fields useful links:

Implement and configure a computed field in your index in coveo -- Coveo official website

Hope, Above links will help you to understand the computed indexed field in Sitecore for Solr and Coveo indexing.

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