CHASSIS - A skeleton frame for Automotive

ASHWANI KUMAR on 6/16/2022 1:15:44 PM


Chassis – basic parts in automobile chassis system. The name “chassis” comes from the French word “chassis,” which originally meant “frame” or “primary pillar” of a car.

Chassis frame is the basic frame work of the automobile. It supports all the parts of the automobile attached to it. All the systems related to automobile like powerplant,transmission, steering, suspension, braking system etc are attached and supported by it only.

Chassis Is the Canvas of the Car

A chassis is one of the most important components of a vehicle, without which the car would have no structure. It is the canvas in which the final construction of the vehicle is placed upon. Chassis are usually made of carbon steel. More recently, as a way to create more inexpensive vehicles, some chassis have been made with aluminum.

The Functions of the Chassis frame:

1. To carry all the stationary loads attached to it and loads of passenger and cargo carried in it .

2. To withstand torsional vibration caused by the movement of the vehicle

3. To withstand the centrifugal force caused by cornering of the vehicle

4. To control the vibration caused by the running of the vehicle

5. To withstand bending stresses due to rise and fall of the front and rear axles.

Chassis Frame Loads & Material Used:

-Short Duration Loads (Broken Patch {Uneven rough surfaces})

-Momentary Duration (Cornering)

-Impact Loads (Across accident{front rear side})

-Inertia Loads(Braking & Acceleration)

-Static Loads(Weight of chassis components)

-Over Loads

Material used



3)Carbon Fibre

Types of chassis frame:


These types of chassis frames support all the systems like engine, braking system, transmission system, suspension system, etc. in a vehicle. The frame is made in separate unit giving a shape of a ladder frame. The conventional chassis frame is often found in bigger vehicles, truck bus SUVs, etc. these chassis are so tough that they don’t often damage even in accidents. 

This chassis is also known as “body on chassis”


In this type of frame load is transferred to the body structure.This Frame however is heavy In semi integral frame half frame is fixed in the front end on which engine gear box and front suspension is mounted.This type of frame is used in some of the European & american cars.