Sitecore Tracker.Current is not initialized in Sitecore

Prem Murmu on 9/3/2022 4:29:27 PM

We are getting the issues this issue or error in our two cd servers Sitecore Version 8.1 update 3. I was not able to identify the error. I checked few analytics configs under App_Config / Include, try to see the any enable tracking things of value there. but things were good there.

I tried to know about the Sitecore analytics tracking and got know if we are not using Sitecore analytics or XDB things then its value should be false instead of true.

Disable Tacking in Sitecore.config

I just went to "~/App_Config/Sitecore.config" and just search node <sites> and checked the all the enableTracking  value are false or True. I found some :

In our case we are not using tracking or analytics so enableTracking value must be false for all site node. like below:

Next replaced the Sitecore.config in in app_config and restart applicationpool and tried to run the website.

It resolved the issues in our case.

But if you are using analytics tracking, then you should check mongdb running in your and make sure enable tracking value true for site nodes and Also check Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.config(Path: /App_Config/Include/) and see few parameter or attributes(Analytics.ClusterName, Analytics.Hostname) are configured well.

This is way you should try it resolve issues in Sitecore 8.1,8.2.

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